Upgrade Existing Windows in New Orleans, Louisiana with 3M Thinsulate Window Film

Upgrade Existing Windows in New Orleans, Louisiana with 3M Thinsulate Window Film - Window Tinting in New Orleans, Louisiana

Want to upgrade existing windows in your home to keep the weather out, and let the light in? You can, all season, every season with 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film. Find out how to control your climate, increase your efficiency, get protection from UV rays, all while maintaining the appearance of your home, year-round. 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window … Read More

How Can Window Film Be Part of a Healthy Lifestyle in New Orleans?

How Can Window Film Be Part of a Healthy Lifestyle in New Orleans?

Many people begin a new year with a resolution to live a more healthy lifestyle. People begin things like new exercise programs and start being more conscious about what types of foods you eat. Just look at how the organic food industry has exploded as people understand the negative impact that certain things can have on their overall health. However, … Read More

3M Low E Window Film Save Money and Control Your Home’s Climate

3M Low E Window Film Save Money and Control Your Home's Climate

With the cooler temperatures already arriving, have you ever considered using a 3M Low E Window Film to help insulate your windows? This innovative technology is called 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film and it will help save money and control the climate inside your home by enhancing the insulating value of your existing windows. Three Things You Should Know … Read More

Window Insulation for Home Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Window Insulation for Home Comfort and Energy Efficiency

We wanted to share this great proof of technology regarding our 3M Thinsulate window film and how it can improve your home comfort and energy efficiency. This client has a variety of windows that they wanted to insulate from the heat leaving in the Winter and the Heat entering in the Summer. We arranged to have a thermal infrared camera … Read More

Raising Cane’s choose 3M Window Film

Raising Canes

To reduce maximum glare and UV for drive through windows, Raising Cane’s chose 3M Night Vision 25 to reduce glare from blinding the kitchen staff while working. 3M’s most popular film of choice for sun control will leave the glass with a non reflective appearance which will not change the way the establishment looks. With a commercial warranty of 15 … Read More

Fade Protection with Window Film

Window Film is a valuable asset to your furniture and floors because sunlight is unforgiving. It shines all day long, and is a constant threat to your personal property. By simply adding our CLEAR UV & IR light reducing window film to your home, you can rest assure that your fabrics, woods, and skin stand behind the best spectrum protection … Read More

Contractor Commercial Window Tinting

If you are a contractor looking to hire a window tinting company to furnish and install specialty Commercial Window Tinting in the New Orleans area, look no further. Snappy Tint is fully licensed and insured to work on all types of job sites, including construction sites on land and on water. All of our installers at Snappy Tint are TWIC … Read More

Cheap Tint is NOT GOOD!

The lower the prices, the lower the standards, so don’t let THIS happen to you! Many people fall for it everyday all around the country, and honestly it’s hard not to.  The low prices of cheap tint services often tell another ugly side of the deal not long after. Just imagine you are in the market to have your windows … Read More

Top Rated Window Tinting

The competitive market of window tinting in New Orleans has forced many competitors to find cheaper optional products to offer their clientele in order to make ends meet and stay in business. This leads to much more dyed, single ply, window tint being poured into our community. You see them everywhere, riding around with the purple, bubbled windows in a … Read More

Commercial Window Tint City of Gretna

The City of Gretna called upon Snappy Tint to solve a problem with evening sunlight making it very uncomfortable for the employees and visitors. The large windows and the high ceilings above the entrance area was creating to much heat. The solar heat gain associated with the windows was reduced instantly by 70% and the UV light was filtered by … Read More