REQUEST A QUOTE CoolVu Transitional Window Fiilm in New Orleans, Louisiana

CoolVu Transitional Window Film adapts to the intensity of sunlight on your window and door glass.

Utilizing proprietary photochromic technology, CoolVu is professionally installed onto existing glass and transitions from a ‘clear’ to a ‘tinted’ state when exposed to direct sunlight. By adapting to the amount of sunlight, CoolVu Transitional Window Films provide the sun control you need, only when needed.

CoolVu Transitional Films can be used on a variety of applications

Designed with occupant wellness and optimal solar performance embedded in its DNA, CoolVu’s stable photochromic technology is the world’s first dynamically performing climate responsive film technology.

Building glass, curtain wall and retail storefront properties all benefit from CoolVu’s adaptive nature and impressive solar performance.

Residential Applications

CoolVu Window Films “transition” from a lighter to a darker tint when exposed to sunlight. On bright sunny days, CoolVu reacts to the sun’s intensity and darkens to reduce sun glare and heat gain.

On cloudy, rainy days and at night, CoolVu remains unchanged preserving your views and maximizing available daylight.

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