3M Sun Control Window Film

Instantly reduce heat and glare while gaining security and privacy with 3M Window Film. Protect your property from burglary, your floors and furniture from sun damage, and cut your utility bills by up to 40%. Pull back those curtains and let the sun shine in like never before. Take advantage of 3M Prestige Window Film, the clearest, most heat reducing … Read More

Window Film Construction

Swirl Wine Bar, New Orleans with 3M Prestige Window Film. There are many different types of window films that have been introduced in the last 15 years. Here is an explanation of these products and how they are made. 1. Ceramic film is sputtered Titanium through an oxygen or nitrogen gas making Titanium oxide or Titanium nitride. The oxide/nitride insulates … Read More

Impact safety security window film

Transform ordinary glass into impact rated security glass. This is not regular window tint and should only be performed by a skilled and licenced security window film technician. Below is a picture of the end result of a commercial door that has been enhanced with Armor Coat Stainless Steel 8 mil security window film. To properly perform this installation, several … Read More

Raising Cane’s choose 3M Window Film

Raising Canes

To reduce maximum glare and UV for drive through windows, Raising Cane’s chose 3M Night Vision 25 to reduce glare from blinding the kitchen staff while working. 3M’s most popular film of choice for sun control will leave the glass with a non reflective appearance which will not change the way the establishment looks. With a commercial warranty of 15 … Read More

Colored Window Film

Mylar polyester films in any color, thickness, and adhesion. Premium color stable technology with 100% optical clarity. Above is a photo of a transom glass that has been replaced. The older style textured glass has a turquoise color that is no longer available. The glass was replaced with a clear textured glass and a film was applied in order to … Read More

Window Frosting Films

Whether your a contractor or home owner, a little frost goes a long way. Gain privacy with 100% control with these removable window frosting films. Computer cut to exact specifications and then installed. Precise and bubble free installations has always been what we truly pride ourselves on. Gain control and privacy in your home. Choose from over 100 textures and … Read More

Clear Glass Protection

If you have dogs, chances are that they scratch at the door to go outside. If your doors are all glass, the last thing you want to do is tint your doors when you know they will get damaged. We have your solution! Clear glass protection to the rescue. After you doors have been tinted, we apply a clear addition … Read More

Fade Protection with Window Film

Window Film is a valuable asset to your furniture and floors because sunlight is unforgiving. It shines all day long, and is a constant threat to your personal property. By simply adding our CLEAR UV & IR light reducing window film to your home, you can rest assure that your fabrics, woods, and skin stand behind the best spectrum protection … Read More

Mylar Glass Coating

Often referred to as, “Polyester Film,” Mylar is a clear or colored plastic film that is produced from the resin (PET) Polyester Terephthalate. This plastic sheet can be used as overlays for artistry, layouts, and charts or many other used where a optically clear, durable plastic sheet is required. It is even chemically stable and have been approved by the … Read More

Heat from Windows?

What’s your comfort level? At the peak of the summer, what does your thermostat say? Does your AC constantly run, yet never seems to get the temperature to your desired comfort setting? Are there rooms in your home or business that you can not work productively in at certain times of the day? Are you or your workers blinded by … Read More