Glass Block Tinting $7.99 each

Glass Block

Heat and glare completly stopped with this perfect solution. The Prestige Series Window Film from 3M offers an exterior grade version, which delivers optimal heat control for glass block cubes. This product will reduce the heat by approximately 80% and glare by 60%.


Many homes and buildings have them, and are an excellent source of natural light. The only down fall is that these glass blocks are not treated with UV inhibitors or any shading factor.


Each block is thoroughly cleaned by hand, and precision cut by machine, providing a perfect symmetrical layer of a premium glass coating.

Once applied, your neighbors may not even notice, but you will instantly know your great decision. For more information on how we can help you achieve your goals with this perfect solution for glass blocks, please call us today.  Pricing starts at $7.99 each with easy access.

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