Fade Protection with Window Film

Fade Protection

Window Film is a valuable asset to your furniture and floors because sunlight is unforgiving. It shines all day long, and is a constant threat to your personal property. By simply adding our CLEAR UV & IR light reducing window film to your home, you can rest assure that your fabrics, woods, and skin stand behind the best spectrum protection window film on the planet.


Above is a picture of antique glass thay has been filmed with Solar Gard’s Hilite Window Film. As you can see, the appearance of the glass is uncompromised while the sunlight is reflected away from the home and it’s contents, reducing the solar heat load and the protecting your property.


Above is a very expensive curtain that has been destroyed by the direct sunlight within a matter of 8 months. Window film would have prevented this.


Above is a faded carpet due to direct sunlight.

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