Mylar Glass Coating

Often referred to as, “Polyester Film,” Mylar is a clear or colored plastic film that is produced from the resin (PET) Polyester Terephthalate. This plastic sheet can be used as overlays for artistry, layouts, and charts or many other used where a optically clear, durable plastic sheet is required. It is even chemically stable and have been approved by the FDA for food contact.

An adhesive can be applied to one side, giving this plastic sheet the job of restraining glass shards after a window film broken.  There are many different coatings applied to this plastic film, which then creates the ability to control the visual light transmission and solar energy, and then you have Window Film. 

Snappy Tint is New Orleans’ premier authorized dealer or Mylar Window Films of all colors, thicknesses, and adhesive types.

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