Heat from Windows?

What’s your comfort level?

Window Heat

At the peak of the summer, what does your thermostat say? Does your AC constantly run, yet never seems to get the temperature to your desired comfort setting? Are there rooms in your home or business that you can not work productively in at certain times of the day? Are you or your workers blinded by the sunlight?

FACT– Did you know that once your windows are tinted, you will see an instant return of your investment. Every dollar spent on the right window film can pay for itself more than 7 times within it’s warrantied lifetime.

What to expect after installing window film.

First you will notice an increase in comfort. The heat from windows will be eliminated and you can work free from hot spots, right next to the windows you normally used to have to move away from. This is because our window films are designed to redirect the solar energy away from the windows back outward to where it came from. Depending on your glass system, we can retrofit your existing windows to outperform any LOW-E Glass Coating on the market, reducing the solar heat gain by up to 82%.

Second, you will notice a glare free view that you never had before. Usually in order to reduce the glare, you will have to close the blinds or pull down a dark mesh shade. Imagine being able to reduce the glare up to 90% while maintaining 100% optical clarity to the outside world. It’s like sunglasses for your home or business.

Lastly, you will notice your energy bills drop up to 30%. Your AC will not run as much to keep each room cooler. The less your AC works, the more money you save.
In a recent independent study (Video Below), Snappy Tint applied Solar Gard Hilite Window Film, a CLEAR infrared reflecting tint, and was able to reduce the temperature of a customers floor by 18 degrees. Sunlight coming through the glass and hitting the floor and other furniture tends to radiate heat into the room, causing the uncomfortable heat, and unnecessarily higher energy bills. One customer of our’s 12 floor office building was costing them on average $15,000 per month in electric bills during the summer months. By applying window film to only the west side of the building, we estimated a reduction of $4,500 each month in cooling cost. This customer will pay off this project in 3 years of energy savings. The product itself is guaranteed to last at least 16 years without any discoloration, peeling, or bubbling, all while protecting the occupants and furnishings from 99% UV. Over the course of it’s warrantied lifespan of 16 years, this customer will have saved $360,000 in energy savings which will pay for itself more than 7 times the initial cost. Remember, that’s only considering 5 months of each year. How’s that for an ROI?