Hospital Energy Efficiency and Window Film

Based on square footage, hospitals consume nearly 3 times more energy than other most other businesses. Retro fitting window film to existing windows of any building will help conserve energy usage in heating and cooling systems, but hospitals can be the biggest beneficiaries of this incredible technology worldwide. Windows connect patients to nature, helping the healing process by decreasing depression. Windows allow natural light to flood a building’s interior, lessening the need to energy produced lighting. There are many benefits that windows allow in any case, but the drawbacks to untreated windows can do more harm than good. UV and IR light passes right through glass and cause many differnt concerns from an environmental and a healthcare aspect. By applying the right window film to the glass, the solar heat load can be reduced up to more than 80%, while allowing nearly all the visible light to enter the room. Another benefit of today’s LOW-E Window Films besides drastically reducing the solar heat load is by reflecting the building’s heating back into the room, while also still allowing natural daylighting to occur. Find out more about Snappy Tint and our Commercial Window Tinting Services HERE.

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Hospitals and Window Film Energy Efficiency – Snappy Tint