Panorama Window Film

What does it mean to be a part of the Panorama Elite Dealer Network and why is that important in your purchase decision of window tinting companies?

It means your window tint dealer is invested in knowledge and experience. Your dealer attends yearly meetings all around the country to stay current on building codes, energy analysis, installation technology, ect. There are around 200 Panorama Window Film Elite Dealers nation wide in the USA. Within this group, you will find the companies that are responsible for some of the largest window tinting projects in history. Hotels, airports, schools, and government buildings all use window film to accomplish desired specifications related to energy efficiency and safety. Being part of this invested group allows us to offer our customers the most comprehensive, longest lasting warranty in the window tinting industry. Simply put, your getting the best possible product from the best trained professionals in the business.

As a customer, you can take advantage of many tools in the Solar Gard Tool Box, such as…

Energy Savings Calculator

Energy ToolBox

Fenestration Energy Analysis 

LEED Credits

Panorama Specularis

Tax Credits

These are some of the many tools we have in our, “Bag of Tricks,” to showcase the importance of window film and how it can have an impact on your comfort level and energy savings.  For more information regarding your Residential or Commercial window tinting, please call Snappy Tint today for your free on site consultation.  Contact us Today!