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Stop searching, you found it! We are the top rated window tinting company in New Orleans for commercial and residential window tinting. Forget what you been told by the others. Our tint out performs the competition in heat reduction, color stability, and in the duration of it’s warranty. No other window film in the world has a more comprehensive warranty that our Solar Gard, Panorama line of window films. Also, because we are the ONLY Preferred Dealer of Solar Gard Window Films in all of Louisiana, our product line has an unbeatable 16 year commercial warranty and a lifetime residential warranty. Their products may also have a “lifetime warranty,” but have you read the fine print? Well do it! Compare them! We will be hearing from you if you make the smart decision.

Our films are thicker! Why does that matter? Well what makes it thicker? Well listen to me and I’ll tell ya.

1. The scratch coat- these films are double the thickness of your entry level window films. Why should you care about that for your office window tint? The extra laminating that goes into our products is what gives them the best possible life span, guaranteeing the best warranty. When tint is applied to a commercial building, there are cleaning crews that are paid to clean the windows. If you have a cheaper, inferior tint on the glass, you better believe you will see some premature damage to the tint in the form of scratches, peeling, and color changing, due to the aggessive cleaning chemicals in the industrial glass cleaners used by cleaning people.

2. The metals, NO DYES!
The different layers of metals that are used to create the appearance and performance of these films are much thicker and more expensive to create as opposed to putting one layer of metal and one layer of dyed polyester into its construction. What happens to dyed films? They change colors, like that pretty purple that you see, EVERYWHERE!

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3. There is no 3. Just take our word for it already. We won’t lie to you! We have the documentation, warranty information, and the experience to back up these claims. We are here for the long haul. We aren’t going anywhere, so pick up the phone and get this ball rolling!


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