Cheap window tinting turns purple, why?

Why does cheap window tinting turn purple?

There are 3 main colors of dye that are combined to make the black window tint that we all know, blue, red, and yellow. While dyed window film is the oldest way to put color to a window tint, it is still very common in today’s market, mainly because of its low price. The color yellow is naturally the first of the three colors to fade from exposure to the sun. When the yellow dyes start to deteriorate, the red and blue are left behind, making the window tint appear purple. The red dye is usually fast to follow in the fading process, making the window tint later appear blue. This is why conventional window films eventually change colors. It’s doesn’t necessarily mean it is a cheap product, but simply outdated technology that was not created to last forever. If you plan on keeping your vehicle for more than 2-3 years, we always suggest upgrading to our 3M Color Stable window film. This product is constructed totally different than your traditional tints. The 3M Color Stable Tint is colored as a plastic before it is extruded into a film. The color is the material itself through and through and is physically impossible to change colors, ever!

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