Top Rated Window Tinting

The competitive market of window tinting in New Orleans has forced many competitors to find cheaper optional products to offer their clientele in order to make ends meet and stay in business. This leads to much more dyed, single ply, window tint being poured into our community. You see them everywhere, riding around with the purple, bubbled windows in a fairly new vehicle. When shopping around for a good deal on your window tinting project, consider these few questions to yourself.

1. What brand window tint is that tint shop using. There are many brands on the market for dealers to try and sell. The prices of these products are hard to pass up, unless you know about window tint. At Snappy Tint, we are exclusive dealers of 3M Window Film. We offer 4 different lines of 3M tint for the customer to choose from based on the performance they demand and the budget they want to spend. Every line we offer, even our Cheapest Priced line, 3M FX Premium Tint, has a lifetime warranty against fading, peeling, bubbling, ect.. The material AND LABOR is covered by 3M, ensuring you will only have to pay for this tint job ONCE.

2. Does the, “Lifetime Warranty,” include the labor to have the tint redone when it does fail, or just the material. You may find yourself coming out of pocket to get that tint fixed even though you weren’t aware of that at the time of the original purchase.

3. How long has this company been in business? It is very easy to sign a lease on a building and tint windows, but managing a budget and maintaining a great long lasting relationship with the community is completely different. We hear it all the time, ” I tried calling the last company that did it but they seem to have gone out of business.” The most obvious reasons for their failure is that their prices were too low to stay in business, or simply they were not getting enough customers in the door. Find a company who has been around and has invested in themselves. This will weed out the low end companies.

4. What are people saying about this place? Do some research and check the reviews, not only with YELP and Google, but with Angie’s List, the BBB,, ect. It is very easy to have a friend make a review for you on the free sites, but only a paying customer has the option to share their opinion on Angie’s

Do your research and you will find that Snappy Tint is your top rated window tinting company in southeast Louisiana. PERIOD!