5 Benefits of Residential Window Tinting in New Orleans

New Orleans has a reputation as a city where a wild time is just around every corner. But many people also live and work in NOLA, making it their home. And residential window tinting in New Orleans can be a smart investment, provided you know the benefits. Here’s a look at what homeowners in New Orleans can get out of residential window tinting.

Residential Window Tinting

1. Climate Control

New Orleans, as a city, can average a temperature in the low ’90s during the summer, and that’s before anything extraordinary happens with the weather. NOLA residents know all too well that extraordinary weather can be the ordinary. Residential window tinting cuts down on the amount of solar energy streaming through the windows and thus help keep out the heat. It also makes it more comfortable to keep the shades open, filling your home with more natural light.

2. Shatter Prevention

protective film for windows | protective window film | safety film for windows | safety glass filmResidential window tinting, in New Orleans as elsewhere, is simply a film carefully and smoothly applied to your windows to add a tint to them. This has more advantages than you might think, not least because, with that film on your windows, they’re less likely to shatter.

Safety film can’t stop a hard knock from cracking a pane of glass, but it can keep the glass from scattering across your floor and help your windows keep their integrity, making your home safer and your windows that much tougher.

3. Glare Reduction

We’ve all had that moment where we sit down to see the Saints play only to discover we have to pull the shades… which means either turning on the lights or sitting in the dark. Residential window tinting helps cut down on glare; because less light is allowed in, it allows you to see more of the TV screen. And it also means you can watch the game without having to worry about feeling like it’s eight in the evening. Even the sunniest room can use a little tint.

4. Furniture Protectiondecorative window film Louisiana | window tint New Orleans | window tinting | Decorative window film | window frosting film | window frosting | frosted window film

Tinting does a lot more than just filter out some spectrum of visible light. It also helps you keep your furniture, rugs, and curtains lasting longer. There’s nothing harder on your furnishings than ultraviolet light; it can rapidly fade even the most UV-resistant upholstery, and send you out to replace everything every few years or so. And it can even help wear out flooring and other parts of your home. So, residential window tinting can help not only protect your home, but protect the furniture inside it.

5. More Privacy

Finally, residential window tinting can help you keep a measure of privacy. Depending on the tint you choose, you can reduce the overall visibility inside your house. While nothing can beat closing the curtains for privacy, if you’re on a busy street or just want a measure of privacy when going about your business in your home, window tinting will help you keep passers-by from seeing inside.

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