Business Window Tinting Benefits

Walls of glass are no match for the UV and heat-blocking abilities of window film.

Maybe you’ve thought about window tint for your business, but didn’t know whether the investment was really worth it. The wide range of window film available today addresses everything from light protection to high-tech filtering and reflecting films that result in a dramatic change for the better.  Testimonials from four very different businesses explain how window tint helps conserve energy while reducing heat, UV ray damage and glare: 

1. Historic Chicago Water Tower Keeps Its Looks and Gains Energy Efficiency

Window film helps preserve the value of historic property such as the Chicago Water Tower.

Costly replacement windows work in some situations, but historic property is special. Change the facade and the property loses historic appeal and value. Window film helps the Chicago Water Tower, now an art gallery, save energy without the risk of ruining the property’s historic value. Mason, Visual Arts Program Manager for the facility, has this to say about tinting the business windows: “Because of our status as a historical property, the Chicago Water Tower had to have its original windows intact. We needed an energy-saving option that would preserve, and not replace.”

2. Dulles International Airport in D.C. Solves Heat and Glare Problems at Main Terminal

The main terminal at Dulles has over 60,000 square feet of glass, which made heat and glare a real problem for travelers and workers. In summertime, temperatures could exceed 90 degrees inside the terminal, and the glare made it difficult for workers to view their computer monitors. The change for Dulles was dramatic. Solar heat gain was reduced by 49%, sunlight was reduced to 33%, and the glare was cut by more than half. Workers can now easily see their computer screens, and travelers aren’t suffering through 90-degree heat. Everyone is more comfortable, and the airport saves energy.

3. City of Denver Installs Window Film on All City Buildings

Buildings in the City of Denver face extreme temperatures in winter and summer. As an energy-conscious town, city officials understood the need for a solution. Their myriad of problems included hazardous UV rays and glare, excessive heat gain, and the energy wasted from overburdened HVAC units. Window tint solved each of these issues. Dr. Darryl Winer, Denver’s Director of Utilities, explains the benefits of window film: “We needed a film that produced good energy savings and which had good solar properties. Glazing was too expensive, and we couldn’t go with an off-the-shelf product. We didn’t want to use films that have highly-reflective properties or distinct tinting on government buildings because we look to blend into our environment, not stand out. Annual savings are expected to be $41,250 or about 33-cents per square foot. We’re big on energy conservation out here. With Denver’s elevation, radiation from the sun is a big issue. The film helps minimize that.” window tinting Louisiana | window tinting New Orleans Louisiana | commercial window film Louisiana | commercial window tinting Louisiana | professional window tint | professional window tinting | New Orleans Louisiana

4. After 40 Years, Ford Motor Company Headquarters Gets Relief

The Detroit headquarters of Ford Motor Company is a 42-year-old building with an impressive 3,083 windows. Inside, workers suffered from glare, which made viewing computer monitors difficult, and the HVAC system struggled to bring down summertime temperatures to 80 degrees; lower than that wasn’t possible during peak summer heat. Throughout the building’s history, numerous strategies tried and failed to solve the glare and solar heat gain problems. Window tint succeeded where other solutions couldn’t. Benefits, according to Ford: The company sees an annual energy savings of an estimated $57,000 a year. When summer heat breaks 90 degrees, the indoor temperature stays comfortably at 72 degrees. Other benefits include a better-looking building, reduced glare and better views, since drapes are no longer necessary. panorama window film | exterior window tint New Orleans | interior window tinting Louisiana

5. Property Manager Seeks Relief for Tenants, and Finds it in Window Film

Sometimes the benefits of window film at your business helps others in their home lives. Sun exposure on windows in apartment houses means UV rays and heat gain damage the property, which leads to increased interior maintenance costs. High-use HVAC units mean tenants pay higher cooling bills and the equipment has a shorter lifespan. A property management supervisor for one of Louisiana’s largest mortgage companies, explained his issues and how Snappy Tint’s installation of Panorama window film solved them: “We had an extreme heat and glare problem in the mornings that lasted until noon, due to East sun exposure. This was solved by installing window film. Our tenants have noticed a big improvement in both glare reduction and cooler, more comfortable conditions near these windows.” The windows in any business let in UV rays, even when direct sunlight isn’t the biggest problem. In buildings where sunlight streams in throughout the day, energy is wasted, costs go up, and no one is comfortable. Window film at your place of business protects both the property and workers from UV damage. Combined with energy savings and a more even temperature year round, and it’s easy to see why window tint is a worthwhile investment.  Business window tinting is has an immediate R.O.I. (Return of investment.)


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CEO of Absolute Perfection Window Tinting & Graphics, Bill Valway, is an industry colleague and friend of Snappy Tint, with his own window tinting business serving the Baltimore and Washington DC area. You can contact him at: 5399 Enterprise St. Sykesville, MD 21784 (410) 549-4285