Solar Gard® Window Film a Key Resource for Saving Energy

On November 1st, President Bill Clinton announced two new partnerships to make green products more affordable and accessible to city governments and consumers across the United States. In response to growing demand, Clinton Climate Initiative will extend its programs and purchasing consortium, which offers lower-cost green products from 25 manufacturers, to 1,100 cities in the US Conference of Mayors.

High performance Solar Gard window film was included because it improves energy efficiency and offers significant related benefits. Representing Solar Gard at the event event, were Christophe Fremont, President, and Luc Goemaere, Product Market Manager, from Saint-Gobain Solar Gard LLC, the compay that manufactures Solar Gard window film.

Installation of Solar Gard window film is included under the Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program, which was designed to help public entities lower their energy consumption. Solar Gard window film can be sized to fit any glass door or window, making it an essential measure for government buildings which are often historic and frequently characterized by oversized windows. Now, all public organizations that have committed to reducing their carbon footprint can easily and cost-effectively fit Solar Gard window film into an overall strategy to reduce CO2 emissions.

“We are excited to work with the Clinton Climate Initiative in providing this strategic resource for organizations that are looking to reduce their energy consumption.” said Christophe Fremont, President, Solar Gard LLC, the company that manufactures Solar Gard window film. “Because Solar Gard rejects solar energy, less energy is used to keep the interior temperature comfortable. Our window film provides an ideal solution for all facility managers, environmental service companies and municipal leaders who have pledged to reduce CO2 emissions.”