Business Window Tinting Benefits

Maybe you’ve thought about window tint for your business, but didn’t know whether the investment was really worth it. The wide range of window film available today addresses everything from light protection to high-tech filtering and reflecting films that result in a dramatic change for the better.  Testimonials from four very different businesses explain how window tint helps conserve energy … Read More

Window Tinting for Homes: Is It Worth the Investment?

Commercial buildings have long used window tint to help keep cooling costs down and prevent damage to the interior from ultraviolet rays. Now, homeowners can also make use of this amazing, yet simple, technology and reap many benefits, including making homes more comfortable and more energy efficient. Home window tinting is an investment with a remarkable return that you’ll enjoy … Read More

Case Study: Window Tinting New Orleans

(Case Study | Window Tinting New Orleans ) Before they contacted us, Saint Andrew the Apostle School in New Orleans was using blue-patterned glass from the 1960’s in their classrooms and cafeteria. The old, blue glass had been installed before window film was readily available, and now they were ready to upgrade to a modern window tinting solution.

Snappy Tint takes first place in competition

Window Tinters from around the world know about the first window tinting forum, to open many doors to the industry. We compete for fun with pics and stories and have been for 10 years now. These days, its hard to win this since so many people have come out and started publishing their work. This is a picture submitted … Read More

Clear, Removable, Protective film

SnappyTint has make its first video and uploaded it to youtube. This will the first of many so stay tuned. Here is a video of some graffiti gard film being removed. This film takes the damage that would normally be directly on your expensive window film. Commercial doors at business are used many times throughout the day and take a … Read More

Window Film Warranty

Solar Gard Window Films has some of the best window film warranty programs in the window film industry. Ask us for more info!

Home Window Tinting

Solar Gard® Residential Window Films As a homeowner, you do what it takes to reduce expenses. With Solar Gard window film installed on your home you can save significantly on energy costs, maintain a safer and more comfortable home and reduce interior fading. Once it is installed, the benefits keep coming year after year with durable, long-lasting Solar Gard window … Read More

Commercial Window Films

Commercial Window Films

Whether you are a small business or billion-dollar corporation, you do what it takes to reduce expenses and protect your bottom line. With Solar Gard® commercial window films installed on your office or you can save significantly on energy costs, maintain a more comfortable and productive environment, reduce interior fading and improve exterior appearance. Once it is installed, the benefits … Read More

Solar Gard® Window Film a Key Resource for Saving Energy

On November 1st, President Bill Clinton announced two new partnerships to make green products more affordable and accessible to city governments and consumers across the United States. In response to growing demand, Clinton Climate Initiative will extend its programs and purchasing consortium, which offers lower-cost green products from 25 manufacturers, to 1,100 cities in the US Conference of Mayors. High … Read More

A cost effective solution to expensive windows.

When evaluating opportunities to improve energy performance of a building it is important to consider the life cycle of the products that can be used to improve the building envelope. Compared to replacing windows, the embodied carbon of Solar Gard films is at least 30 times less than new windows. In fact in addition to saving energy Solar Gard’s architectural … Read More